Artex Removal Cost Guide

Introduction: What is Artex?

Artex is a surface coating that was widely used in UK homes for decorating ceilings and walls in 1970’s to early 1990’s. Artex is a type of textured coating that usually consisting of swirls or stipples.Artex was once a popular fashion choice for decorating interior walls and ceilings. But, has now fallen out of popularity and with many people deciding to have this decoration removed in their home.

Between 1970’s to 1985 Artex mix was created using small amounts of asbestos for strengthening purposes. However the use of asbestos in Artex was made illegal for use in 1999 – 2000 due to asbestos containing cancer causing properties.

People are now often seeking advice and help of a professionals to remove Artex in their home because of their fair of asbestos content. Rightly so, as cracks in the walls/ceilings containing asbestos can lead to dust and particles to be inhaled causing many health risks. However, It is important to note not all Artex in homes contain asbestos and thus, there are tests homeowners can use to survey whether the Artex in your house contains these dangerous fibres.

Do I need an asbestos survey?

The answer to this question simply depends on when your house was build and when the Artex installed. If your house was built prior to 1985 and, has Artex a survey may not be necessary as it is most likely has Asbestos. Whereas, if the Artex was installed between 1985-2000 it is impossible to know for sure if the Atrex contains asbestos and a survey is necessary, in order to avoid exposure to these dangerous materials.

Also, If you are unsure when the Artex was applied in your home, it is also highly recommended to carry out a survey.


How much does Artex asbestos survey cost?

Survey done by a professional usually costs between £250-£300 and should take up to 3 days to conclude. Alternatively, you can order an Online Asbestos Testing Kit for around £30-£50 and conduct the survey yourself and have the results within a day.

Additional Cost Involved In Removing Artex

Once Artex is removed, the walls or ceilings must be plastered, painted, and decorated. Additional costs include labor and asbestos waste disposal should be considered.


In conclusion, the necessity to remove Artex depends on when it was installed. If Artex was applied before 1985, it likely contains asbestos, and a survey might not be required. However, if installed between 1985-2000, a survey is necessary to avoid asbestos exposure. Online testing kits can also help determine the presence of asbestos.

Looking For Help With Removing The Artex?

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