Why You Should Silicone Rendering Your Home

Introduction: What is Silicone Render?

Silicone render is a polymer-modified breathable silicone-based rendering system that provides flexible, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing surfaces.The system has been rising popularity throughout Europe and has become a classic choice for homeowners who are looking render their home with a material that requires minimum upkeep, is self cleaning, extremely resistance to dirt and any biological growth. Through this article you will learn the reality of why silicone render is our customer favourite.

What makes Silicone Render different ?

A mixture of sand, cement, lime, and chemicals make up traditional renders. It takes weeks for these renders dry and then it need to be painted over with your chosen colour. Conversely, silicone render allows us to get the job done quicker by killing two birds with one stone, How? because silicone render is coloured!

Having the job finished in one coat of silicone render means no waiting around for the render to dry before painting so the job will be completed sooner. Also,it will be more cost effective to use one material, rather than to use separate render and paint that requires upkeep every few years. 

Silicone finish is robust and thus can handle change in the environment, scratches and aging much better. The silicone finish is highly pigmented so when these unfortunate events do occur the appearance is rarely notice to the eye. This can’t be said for its counter parts where rendering systems are more pronoun to scratches and cracks caused changes in the weather and may require new fresh paint job to hide obvious damages.

Remember, doing the job right will save you money in the long run. Having silicone render done on your property will mean you won’t need to re-render again anytime soon in the foreseeable future.


How Long Does Silicone Render Last?

Silicone render is more durable and longer lasting then your traditional sand/cement render.The Average lifespan of silicone rendering is between 25-30 years. This is especially true when the an adhesive base coat with minerals is applied such as EWI-225.

However, customers should note there are many factors that may affect the longevity of the silicone render. This includes where you live and the climate, how well the render was applied, and etc. For instance if your previous rendering contractor has done a poor job then the render may not last as long and may not fully provide the benefits expected. Therefore it is important to find the right rendering contractor.

Rendering should be considered as a long term investment and a job done right can last longer than the average lifespan. There are a great deal of properties in the UK that have not needed re-rendering in over 50 years.

Different types of Silicone Render

Here at Plaster House our favourite manufacturer for amazing unique bends for silicone render is EWI PRO. We so confident about working with their product and have been won over by their 10 years warranty on projects where their silicone based rendering system has been used. How many other render system manufacturers have this much confidence in their product? We are sure you will love our silicone rendering services.

EWI Pro offers several types of Silicone render options

EWI PRO offers 5 unique blends of Silicone render with customisable features such as the grain size and a 3000+ colour palette to choose the colour of the render from. We have compared these bends using the 6 key features that silicone render outshines other system. Our comparison will help to select the silicone bend right for your project and budget. 

25KG Silicone Render bucket coverage rates

The grain size in the render will determine the of surface area you are able to cover with a single bucket.

The list below shows the coverage rate of a 25KG bucket based on the grain size.

  • 0.5mm –1.6kg/m2. One bucket should cover 16–20m2
  • 1.0mm – 1.9kg/m2. One bucket should cover 12–13m2
  • 1.5mm – 2.4kg/m2. One bucket should cover 9–10m2
  • 2.0mm – 3.4kg/m2. One bucket should cover 6-8m2
  • 3.0mm – 5.0kg/m2. One bucket should cover 5-6m2

Customer Favourite choice: EWI-075 Silicone

Based on our experience EWI-075 silicone render is definitely the most popular choice made by customers for their property. The EWI-075 Render checks most of the boxes when it comes to long-lasting, flexibility (how easily the material is work with), colour retention,UV resistance, waterproof and its hydrophobic properties. We love using this product too! its responsibility priced and is a well positioned product available in the product range.

Pro Tip: Before you buy silicone rendering material

Before purchasing any materials to full silicone render your property, it is recommended to ask your plastering contractor to show you the EWI Pro Render Sample Chart. This is ensure right expectations of the texture for the finish are establish early. The grain size and colour pigment of chosen silicone render will influence how the property looks aesthetically.

Silicone Render Colour Chart

How much does Silicone Render cost?

The silicone renders each have a different price as the range at EWI PRO caters low to high end clients. But it is worth mentioning that all renders are going to cost almost double the price of traditional sand and cement render because you are getting a vastly better product. We believe shopper can expect to pay between £80-£100 Per m2 including materials and skilled plasterers. However, it is worth noting there are many products used in conjunction with silicone render and thus the cost can vary depending on the type of system. For example some consumers may decide to have external insulation installed prior to silicone rendering costing upwards of £150 M2 including material and labour. Further information on price of silicone rendering is available our prices page.

Breakdown of the material and work included the silicone render cost are:

  • Priming the surface
  • Applying the base coat and fibreglass mesh
  • Beading
  • Application of Top coat primer
  • Applying silicone finish

Note: Additional costs such as scaffolding and waste removal should be considered and have not been included in the prices.

Does silicone render crack?

In our experience silicone render does not crack, but by the odd chance a crack does appear it can easily be fixed without any noticeable changes to aesthetics. As mentioned earlier silicone is extremely durable and versatile and thus you can expect high performance and nothing less from this render. 

Unlike silicone render, in our experience sand and cement render often starts showing signs of age after a couple of years and maintenance is often very difficult as new patches of sand/cement rarely matches the previous render as well as paint. Therefore, we always recommend silicone render as our first choice. 

Can you apply silicone render over existing render?

Yes, this is one of the main reasons why so many clients want to consider doing silicone render as it eliminates the cost of having to remove existing render. Additional consideration may be needed before deciding to go ahead with is approach checks such as the condition existing surface, existing paint type, etc.


Is Silicone Render good for your property ? YES!, Our experts at Plaster House Ltd love working with this material and highly recommend it to all of our happy customers. We favour this render over traditional render as its longer lasting, quality finish and a lot more durable.

While silicone render can be more expensive then the other render systems on the market.We believe it should definitely be considered more of an investment into your property – An investment that requires minimum maintenance while making your house go up in value too!

If you feel convinced about proceeding with silicone render for your property and are based in South West or South East of London then please feel welcomed to contact us at Plaster House Ltd for a free quote and consultation.